Video - 260 MPH at El Mirage Dry Lake! NRE.

Videa Shelby SuperCars Videos 260 MPH at El Mirage Dry Lake! NRE.

260 MPH at El Mirage Dry Lake! NRE.

The story is about a dream. The story is about courage. Anthony Keating dreamed about building the World's Fastest Production Car. Dan Keating had the courage to drive the car 260 MPH on a dirt track. Dan looked death in the eyes and did not blink. He reached 260 MPH. See our previous video, "World's Fastest Production Car" linked here. Its a great story. The original chase vehicle, a corvette,spun out at 130 MPH. The driver refused to drive on this dirt surface again. The Keating TKR hit 260 MPH using only 900 HP of the engines available 1750 hp. The TKR did so on a short dirt track. As to the comments that the Shelby Aero or the Bugatti Veyron recently increasing their top speed, can anyone doubt that the TKR would go much faster than 260 MPH on a good surface road and engaging the 900 more HP still available? As to the objections about the Keating TKR is not a production car, this may be a matter of debate. The fact remains anyone with sufficient funds can order this same car with this extraordinary TT NRE SBC engine. Its perfectly streetable as any production car. See the dyno of this very engine. Our Kudos and highest respect to the Keating Brothers from England See the Keating interview at . Also go to and http . To see this engine's dyno link to . Raw video footage courtesy Keating Supercars.


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