Video - AutoGespot - Carspotting: Düsseldorfer Supercars (part 1)

Videa Shelby SuperCars AutoGespot - Carspotting: Düsseldorfer Supercars (part 1)

AutoGespot - Carspotting: Düsseldorfer Supercars (part 1)

AutoGespot - Carspotting: Düsseldorf Supercars part 1. On 19 September we visited the city of Düsseldorf for a day of car spotting. This just means, looking at the most exotic, exclusive, rare, brilliant, expensive cars for a day. I don't know why exactly, but the weather was bea-utiful and the cars were everywhere. Here an overview of the cars you can see in this part: Tuned Mercedes S500, Porsche Panamera 4S, Baby blue Porsche Carrera Targa 4S MKII, Mercedes SLK 55 AMG, in the distance a red Ferrari 360, Audi R8 PPI (tuner), Ford GT, Ferrari F430 Spider, Porsche Cayman GT (Enco Exclusive Porsche Cayman), Wiesmann Roadster, Oldtimer jaguar, Lotus Elise S2, Ferrari F430 Spider, BMW M3 cabriolet, Audi RS6 Avant C6 Horny Customs, Ferrari F430 Spider red, Lotus Elise (again), Porsche 550 Spider (very very rare, real one?) BMW M3 White, Aston Martin DB9 Volante, Lotus Elise (again again), Mercedes SL63 AMG, BMW M3 Coupe Black, BMW M3 (another black one), Maserati classic roadster (don't know the exact type), totally white Porsche Cayenne + that black BMW M3 again, ford mustang Shelby GT500 (eleanor), Audi R8, Ferrari F430 Spider, Maserati Gran Turismo (white with a black roof!!) Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT 2008, Ferrari F355 Spider (revving very nice), Porsche Carrera 997 White, Ferrari Testarossa... Enjoy! :)

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