Video - (SAMP LVP) Scartissues Casino Loop

Videa Shelby SuperCars (SAMP LVP) Scartissues Casino Loop

(SAMP LVP) Scartissues Casino Loop

Playing on my favorite GTA San Andreas Multiplayer server (Las Venturas Playground ( ) I was playing along with Striker and Scartissue, After rolling round town, Scar decides to try something he did previously using a BMX + NRG to circle the Red Dragons Casino loop gate thingy, After proving me its possible, Striker arrive too and told me to start recording, And so this is where this come from... Yes you'll notice my car is a Shelby Super Car (SSC) Ultimate Aero, Its only a model as a replacement for the Infernus.

SAMP, Lol, Flip, Stunt, BMX, NRG, xenowolf, Striker, Scartissue, City, Skills, Grand, Theft, Auto, San, andreas, GTA


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